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We help brands tell their story

whether you have a specific idea or no idea,

we’ll help guide you every step of the way.

Professional Video

We offer in-house video production and top notch editing services. Our team use artistic expertise and customization to dynamically deliver your message to new/existing customers in a intelligent, engaging and notable way. Reach customers with professionally produced online video, available in several lengths and types: business, event and product promotion.

Professional Photography

We offer a handful of  photography services to meet all types of personal and business needs. The packages we provide are custom to meet the specific needs of each individual client. Our expertise and artistic knowledge allows us to capture moments perfectly through unique perspectives. Our photographs not only capture subjects but also the environments in which they live creating life like works of art.

Graphic Design & Branding

No matter the size of your business branding is the key to distinguishing you from the competition. A effective branding strategy gives you a leg up on the competition. By clearly defining your purpose, identity, and values we are able to connect you to your consumer.


Who We Are

“Matthew James Media creates remarkable design…”

No matter whether its photography, videography, graphic design or branding our quality ensures that every client is more successful.


We have a passion for creating digital works-of-art which connect our clients to their consumers. Our goal is to push the boundaries of social norms by looking at things from a different perspective thus creating new and innovative ideas.


With over fifteen years of design experience, we pride ourselves on never doing the same things twice, which ensures our clients get original and highly creative works-of-art.

Digital Identity

What you put out on the web becomes your digital identity. This makes it extremely important to put out a digital campaign that correlates your goals and values clearly to your consumers.


Every client has unique situations that need to be addressed in different ways. We allow creativity to guide us through every new endeavor making 100% original content every time.


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No matter the project we put all our creativity and expertise into making it a work-of-art.