Video Brand Design

a strategic approach is required for your audience to identify and recognize your brand

At Matthew James Media, we partnered with The Wellness Company (TWC) to enhance their digital presence and deliver compelling video content that truly engages their audience.

In-Network Studios

Discover the future of healthcare storytelling with In-Network Studios. As pioneers in HIPAA-compliant video production, we specialize in creating compelling testimonials that not only resonate with audiences but also safeguard patient privacy. Our unique blend of healthcare expertise, cutting-edge videography, and marketing savvy ensures your story is told with empathy, precision, and impact.
This sizzle reel showcases our mission, our team, and our commitment to excellence. Join us on a journey where innovation meets integrity, and every narrative thrives. Welcome to In-Network Studios – where your story is always in the right hands. 


TWC is dedicated to promoting wellness and healthy living. By harnessing the power of video content, we’ve helped TWC make a meaningful impact in the world of health and well-being.
Through close collaboration and in-depth discussions with TWC’s team, we’ve aligned our video recommendations with their vision and objectives. The result is a collection of videos that not only expand TWC’s reach and influence but also solidify their position as leaders in the wellness industry
Heartfelt Mother’s Day Tribute – “A Mother’s Love”

“A Mother’s Love” is a heartwarming Mother’s Day tribute that celebrates the deep and unconditional love that mothers provide. At Matthew James Media, we understand the importance of the maternal bond and the impact that mothers have on our lives. This emotional video is our way of honoring and recognizing the incredible strength, sacrifice, and love that mothers give every day. Welcome to RBA, where your vision becomes a reality.

Americas #1 Restoration Broker and Author Gokul Padmanabhan

Step into the world of Restoration Brokers of America (RBA) through our captivating welcome video. This engaging visual introduction invites you to explore the essence of RBA, showcasing our commitment to excellence, passion for restoration, and dedication to service. Discover what sets RBA apart and how we can bring your restoration projects to life. Welcome to RBA, where your vision becomes a reality.

Welcome Video to RBA website 

Sizzle Reel for CEO

We took a personal branding approach to create a sizzle reel for Gokul Padmanabhan that’s nothing short of spectacular. This dynamic showcase captures Gokul’s talents, activities, and prestige in a visually engaging and memorable way, elevating him as an expert in his industry and raising awareness for Restoration Brokers of America (RBA). Through a mix of high-energy visuals and creative storytelling, this sizzle reel paints a vivid picture of Gokul’s accomplishments.

Dynamic Motion Graphics for Masterclass

Unlock the power of engaging and informative learning with our dynamic motion graphics for RBA’s masterclasses. We’ve turned these educational sessions into captivating visual journeys, making complex concepts easily digestible. Our designs add flair to every presentation, enhancing the learning experience while reinforcing RBA’s commitment to excellence.

Elevating Your Visual Identity

Discover how we’ve redefined RBA’s visual identity through our meticulously crafted video branded assets. Our professionally designed elements ensure consistency in every interview, masterclass, or commercial, reflecting RBA’s commitment to excellence. From masterfully designed overlays to on-screen graphics that enhance engagement, these assets establish RBA as an industry leader in every frame.

Paul Knopf & Bigger Law Firm

The Paul Knopf & Bigger Law Firm requested a motion graphic for use in their commercials as well as some other assets to demonstrate their appreciation to their customers. Due to their wide range of practices, I wanted to present all the services they provide in a clear and concise manner. Using their current branding, we made the following;

Commerical Real Estate Expert and Author David Cobb

David Cobb an expert in Commercial Real Estate, asked us to make video content for him. As a result of writing blogs and articles via LinkedIn, Dave has been experiencing organic growth. In our brainstorming session with Dave and Alex Cervasio, we discussed the need to establish Dave’s personal brand.
In order to accomplish this, we intend to begin recording video-podcasts to promote his new personal brand through his expertise in commercial real estate. As Dave was already producing podcasts, adding video to these interviews was a simple transition. The next step was to create a professional intro and a variety of outros with specific calls to action. As shown below;