Music Branding

Welcome to SummerEyes Music Festival!


Unitea Music partnered up with Mp3du to throw their first digital music festival. We sat down with Ketan Rhangdale (founder of Unitea) and decided that their festival needed to be visually branded in a unique way. After a few creative calls with the Unitea and Coral Space team it was decided that the theme should be “in search of the perfect rave…”
Since we were all currently in lockdown the idea to escape into a “digital journey” seemed like the perfect idea for the intro visuals for the festival. We took that idea and ran with it…

The intro was to be played when opening the festival each day, mid-way through each day of festival, and during each headliner intermissions. We decided we needed something to engage the festivals social audience prior to the actual festival so we created this teaser for the fans that was distributed via social media campaign;


To finish up the visual branding process we decided that the headlining artist needed their own indents to be used during live stream, promo videos, and social campaigns. (you can see one version above). We also created social video indents for each of our headlining artist to be posted on their social accounts helping convert more of the fans to the festival and Unitea App. (see example below)

Promotion & Album Artwork!



Sagamore Sundays Flyer