2023 Branding Trends: The Future of Connection, Personalization, and Transparency

Hello, folks! It’s Matthew James from Matthew James Media, and I am thrilled to bring you the top five branding trends to watch out for in 2023. We’re already well into the year, and based on my research and experience in the industry, these trends are set to shape the branding landscape in intriguing and innovative ways.

1. Brand Activism


 First up is brand activism. Whether it’s the Hershey’s campaign or any other big name you can think of, brand activism is making waves in the branding world. In a time where our world seems more polarized than ever, brands are stepping up, taking a stance, and becoming vocal about the political and cultural issues that matter to them.


This new form of activism is not just about making a statement, it’s about aligning a brand with a cause or purpose that resonates with its audience. It’s about standing up for what matters and taking a position in a world that’s often filled with confrontation. Brace yourself to see brands pivot and position themselves in new and exciting ways.



2. Human-Centered Branding

The second trend to watch out for is human-centered branding. As our world becomes more technologically advanced, with developments in AI and augmented reality, there’s an increasing need to humanize brands. People feel more connected to brands that feel human, and this has always been a crucial element in branding. However, with the emerging culture of technology and web 3.0, humanizing your brand has become more important than ever.


3. Immersive Experiential Branding

Next up is immersive experiential branding. Companies like Unitea are leading the way by creating immersive experiences for their fans. From music festival activations to AR filters, brands are becoming more innovative in the ways they engage with their audience.

The idea is to make the branding experience more immersive, causing the audience to go out of their way to interact with the brand. QR codes were just the beginning – we’re about to see a lot more immersive experiences popping up in the branding world.



4. Personalized Branding 

The fourth trend on our list is personalized branding. With advancements in AI and data analytics, brands are becoming more personalized in their messaging. We’re seeing this with platforms like TikTok and Spotify, where data-led personalization is becoming the norm.

It’s not about creating specific messages for each individual but leveraging data to create a sense of personalization. From Spotify’s end-of-year wrap-ups to Facebook’s memory reminders, brands are finding innovative ways to make their messaging feel unique to each user.



5. Brand Transparency 

Lastly, we have brand transparency. With recent developments like Facebook’s rebranding to Meta, there’s been a renewed focus on transparency in branding. As consumers become more aware and cautious about their data, brands are expected to be more open about their data usage and practices.

Transparency in 2023 is all about being open about what your brand stands for, your sustainability practices, and how you’re using (or not using) customer data. It’s about earning trust in a world that’s becoming increasingly skeptical.





There you have it, folks! These are the top five branding trends to keep an eye on in 2023. But remember, understanding these trends is just the beginning. Implementing them in a way that aligns with your brand and resonates with your audience is where the real magic happens. That’s where we come in. At Matthew James Media, our team of branding experts stands ready to help your brand navigate these new frontiers. We’re passionate about using our knowledge and insights to create branding strategies that don’t just follow trends but set them. If you’re excited about what 2023 could mean for your brand and want to ensure you’re at the forefront of these trends, let’s chat! Feel free to reach out to us and let’s take your brand to new heights. Remember, the future of branding starts here. Let Matthew James Media be your guide.


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